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Friday, February 12, 2021

In This Edition:
Whale song ocean floor mapping, USB DNA sequencing, functional programming beginners guide, Javascript data structures & algorithms, A Song For Us, & earth orbit 4k!

A great explainer by New Scientist on the blockchain:

"Blockchain, Feedback readers will no doubt be aware, is a distributed ledger technology designed such that any attempt by one party to explain what it is or how it works causes the eyes of a second party to glaze over, thus ensuring total security about what’s actually going on."

Whale Song Ocean Floor Mapping

Image: Kuna and Nábėlek

Researchers at Oregon State University have demonstracted how to map the ocean floor using whale song! The 190 dB song of fin whales takes the form of second long bursts in the 20Hz range separated by dozens of seconds and typically last for hours.


USB DNA Sequencing

Image: Oxford Nanopore

Using a nanopore sequencer on a USB dongle and new open-source fuzzy logic UNCALLED software, scientists can selectively sequence DNA samples in three days or less without the need for large expensive lab equipment.


Functional Programming Beginners Guide


Codeburst published a handy beginners guide to functional programming, which describes the fundamentals including pure functions and recursion.


Javascript Data Structures & Algorithms

Image: Github, trekhleb

A very handy github repository of javascript code illustrating the many data structures and algorithms taught in computer science, from graph traversal to encryption and machine learning.

A Song For Us

Image: A Song For Us

A Song For Us is a project that captures original and favourite songs during lockdown, and provides a map to submit songs you have written or songs that hold special meaning at this time.


Earth Orbit 4K

Image: YouTube, Seán Doran

Seán Doran created a video of earth orbit in 4k from timelapse photography taken from the ISS.

See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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