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Friday, February 19, 2021

In This Edition:
Ingenuity, Radio Garden, People Power Platform, Responsively, Omatsuri, & build your own fiber ISP!

Radio Garden


Radio Garden is a fantastic website that allows you to surf the globe and listen to radio stations in different countries. The interface makes it so easy to hop around the world listening to music that you can easily spend lots of time listening without realising it.


Power People Platform

Image: Power People Platform

Power People Platform is a great library of diverse 3D avatars to use in your designs and UX personas. The library features 12 different characters, everyone with 3 different skin colors, 6 hair colors, 5 dresses, 23 dress colors and endless background colors


Image: Responsively

Responsively is an open-source live preview app and browser extension for viewing/testing websites at different screen sizes, at the same time!



Image: Omatsuri

Omatsuri is an extremely handy collection of web development & design tools, which such as a gradient generator, a lorum ipsum generator, and a page divider generator.


Build Your Own Fiber ISP

Image: Arstechnica, Jared Mauch

Jared Mauch, a network architect at Akamai, couldn't get good broadband at his home in Scio Township in Michigan other than wireless internet . Comcast quoted him $50,000 to lay the cables to his house, so he decided to do it himself. In the process, he created his own telecom ISP, bought a direction drill machine, built a DIY fiber blower, signed up his neighbours to his new business, and now also provides upload bandwidth to the wireless internet provider in the area. He is also helping other towns and groups to roll out the same setup.


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