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Friday, March 5, 2021

In This Edition:
Vaccine Efficacy Explained, Fastest Random Number Generator, Operating Principles For Decision Making, Web Application Security Checklist, 17th Century Letter X-Ray, Top Gun: Maverick LEGO Trailer!

Vaccine Efficacy Explained

Image: The New York Times

The New York Times published a vaccine efficacy explainer, using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as an example, that describes how the different percentage figures are calculated.

Fastest Random Number Generator

Image: Kyungduk Kim

Researchers have built the fastest random number generator by firing a laser into a translucent semionductor shaped like a bowtie and measuring the fluctuations in the intensity of the resulting scattered beam, at a rate of 250 terahertz.


Operating Principles For Decision Making

Image: Unsplash, Raquel Martínez

Luca Canducci on Compound Interests published a useful post on using operating principles, such as 2-way door decisions and asynchronous first communication, to help make decision making easier.

Web Application Security Checklist

Image: Unsplash, J. Kelly Brito

Teo Selenius from appsecmonkey.com published a very extensive and useful list of web security issues to check and protect against, covering front-end, server-side, infrastructure, and monitoring.


17th Century Letter X-Ray

Image: Unlocking History Research Group archive

Researchers from MIT, King’s College London, Queen Mary University London, Utrecht and Leiden used X-ray microtomography scans of a 17th century folder letter locked letter to unfold and read the letter virtually without ever opening it. As amazing as this is, it is even better that the letter contained a complaint! :-)


Top Gun: Maverick LEGO Trailer

Image: YouTube, Onbeatman

Online Marketing Ideas

Image: First 100 Users

First 100 Users is a website that lists 100 plus marketing tips and tricks that businesses can use to attract their first 100 users.

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