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Friday, March 26, 2021

In This Edition:
Low earth orbit visualisation, negentropy, using GPT-3 to write SQL, Siúcra, & 4 musicians 1 cello!

Low Earth Orbit Visualisation

Image: Leo Labs

There are 16,197 objects in low earth orbit at last count. All of these can be seen in Leo Labs' great visualisation of low earth orbit. The data visualisation can filter the objects by categories such as perigee, inclination, and country of origin, among others.



Image: Daryl Feehely

Alison Carr-Chellman from University of Dayton has developed the theory of negentropy, the opposite of entropy. Negentropy can be defined as distance to normality, and in a piece published by, Alison describes five steps for negentropic success in our daily lives, She explains that by keeping the concept of negentropy in mind in our work and everyday lives, we can more easily decide to reduce the loss of energy and structure by proactively doing the chores or work items that we might otherwise let build up, resulting in chaos! :-)


Using GPT-3 To Write SQL

Image: Seekwell

Brian Kane from Seekwell demonstrates how GPT-3 can be trained effectively to produce SQL queries in response to plain text questions.



Image: YouTube, axis Ballymun

Axis Ballymun released a fantastic love-letter to the Irish Langauge this week, written and performed by Roxanna Nic Liam. Siúcra elegantly addresses the tension many Irish people experience when it comes to Gaeilge. The excellent video mixes Irish & English throughout and covers the beauty of Gaeilge, the excuses and tropes used by those hesitant in using the language, and the permission to use and learn Irish without taking on the burden of upholding its vast traditions.
Is í ár dteanga féin í, it is our language, even if we do get stuck in a gramadach hole go minic.

4 Musicians 1 Cello

Image: YouTube, Wiener Cello Ensemble 5+1

Watch this crazy video of the Wiener Cello Ensemble 5+1 perform the Bolera with four musicians but just one cello!

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