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Friday, April 2, 2021

In This Edition:
Steer through the Suez, 5G power harvesting, dealing with difficult people at work, Tim Ferriss & Balaji Srinivasan, & an attic turbo jet engine!

Steer Through The Suez

Image: CNN

CNN launched a neat game that lets you steer a tanker through the Suez Canal. It's harder than it looks! :-)


5G Power Harvesting

Image: Christopher Moore, Georgia Tech

Researchers at Georgia Tech have created a flexible 3D printed multi-directional antenna that can harvest 6 micorwatts of power from a 5G transmitter at up to 180 meters. Harvest wireless energy in this way can replace the use of batteries in IoT and wearable devices.


Dealing With Difficult People At Work

Image: Neil On Software

Neil On Software created a handy guide on how to deal with difficult people on software projects. I think the tips on how to address each scenario are applicable for the most part outside of software also.

Podcast of the Week: Tim Ferriss & Balaji Srinivasan

Image:, 99designs

Tim Ferriss recently interviewed Balaji Srinivasan and it was an insanely good interview! They cover geo-politics, crypto, their intersection, among many, many other topics, futurist and otherwise.

Attic Turbo Jet Engine

Image: The Drive, Integza

YouTuber Integza used a 3D printer to build a working turobo jet engine in his attic! Check out his journey of multiple attempts in his video, before reaching a working prototype at the end.


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