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Friday, April 9, 2021

In This Edition:
Detection laser drone, no more ransom, ML layout parser, aircraft weight "miss"-classification, & Cork harbour sea shanty!

Detection Laser Drone

Image: Cleantechnica, ABB

Swiss company ABB has developed a drone that uses a laser to detect methane leaks while flying at 55 mph at an altitude of 130ft. The system is 1,000 more sensitive than standard methane detection tools.


No More Ransom

Image: No More Ransom

No More Ransom provides tools and advice to use if/when your computer or company is attacked by ransomware. In most cases nothing can be done, but sometimes keys and decrytors work to undo the damage.


ML Layout Parser

Image: GitHub, lollipopshock

Researchers at Harvard developed and released an open source image layout OCR deep learning library called Layout Parser which allows effective image parcing of tabled and structured image data at scale.

Aircraft Weight "Miss"-classification

Image: Sascha Steinbach/EPA

A bug in an airline reservation system resulted in all female passengers on a Tui flight that select Miss on their booking to be allocated a child's weight of 35kg on the aircraft load sheet instead of the standard weight of 69kg. This error resulted in the pilot calculating takeoff thrust using a weight figure that was 1,200kg lighter than the real weight of the aircraft. The airline system was developed in a country where the prefix Miss is used for children and Ms is used for adult females.


Cork Harbour Sea Shanty

Image: Vimeo, Sirius Art Centre

Sound art duo Softday released As I Roved Out One Morning, a sea shanty musical piece in collaboration with Sirius Arts Centre, Hannah Fahey, and the Softday Deep Water Singers that highlights the dangers of the proposed incinerator at Ringaskiddy in Cork Harbour. The duo worked with the Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment to gather information, field recordings, conversations, and transcripts of An Bord Pleanála oral hearings to use as input to the piece.

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