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Friday, April 23, 2021

In This Edition:
COVID & Flying, music bubble, how to do cookie notices well, how to test UIs, & Bill Gates on the Armchair Expert podcast!

This edition marks five years of Found This Week! I post these blogs each week to share cool things I find and as a method of archiving them for my own reference later. On occasion, a few people have told me they enjoy reading the edition each week, which to be honest I'm delighted to hear! Thanks for reading and I hope, as always, that you find some of the items in this week's edition interesting. Stay safe.

Flying & COVID

Image: The New York Times

The New York Times published a very impressive data visualisation that explains how air is processed and circulated in the cabin of an aircraft. They simulated two million air particles to track how COVID would spread in a cabin if a positive passenger with a mask on sneezed. The takeaways are that the aircraft cabin is safer than the airport, and to keep your mask on all the time.

Music Bubble

Image: The Pudding

The Pudding published an interactive map that shows which songs reach number 1 in the last month around the world. The map allows the user to see how different songs are popular across different cities and regions within a country.


How To Do Cookie Notices Well


Katie Hempenius published a great overview on describing the best practices in implementing and testing cookie notices on a website.


How To Test UIs

Image: Storybook.js

Varun Vachhar on Storybook.js published a useful framework for testing UIs which covers visual, composition, interaction, accessibility, and user flow testing. The framework gives an overview looks at how to test in each category and scores each using dimensions such as iteration speed, maintenance, and isolating failures.


Podcast of the Week: Armchair Expert - Bill Gates Book Talk

Image: Armchair Expert

In a recent episode of The Armchair Expert podcast, Dax & Monica interview Bill Gates about his new book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster. The interview is a frank and informative discussion about the scale of what is needed to tackle the climate crisis, with a fair bit of high level detail from Bill Gates about the different areas that need to be progressed, whcih are described in detail in his book. The conversation stuck out for me due to the matter of fact nature of addressing the important topic. There isn't much if any hyperbole, nor is there any doom mongering, just options, ideas, and hope.


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