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Friday, May 7, 2021

In This Edition:
Underwater nighttime photography, Irish company emissions, shortwave on cutting carbon emissions at home, the market for Bob Ross paintings, & Blindboy with Dr. Sabina Brennan!

Check out the new album The moon sets and birds cry from Anna Murray out today on bandcamp. Anna asked to use one of my photos of starlings in flight for the cover!

Underwater Nighttime Photography

Image: BluePlanetArchive/Steven Kovacs

Check out the amazing underwater photography taken by Steven Kovacs at nighttime!


Irish Company Emissions

Image: Noteworthy, Flourish published an interesting deep dive into the emissions data of Irish companies. They look at the trend in company emissions since 2013 and highlights the gaps in the data available.


Podcast of the Week: NPR Shortwave on Cutting Carbon Emissions At Home

Image: NPR

This episode of Shortwave looks at the key things that can be done to reduce carbon emissions at home, from using smart plug boards to heat pumps.


The Market For Bob Ross Paintings

Image: Bill O'Leary/Getty Images

The Hustle published an interesting piece looking at the market for Bob Ross paintings, and why owner retention could be why they are so hard to buy despite Bob Ross being one of the most prolific famous painters in history, painting around 30,000 pieces during his life.


Podcast of the Week: Blindboy with Dr. Sabina Brennan

Image: Acast

Another great podcast this week was Blindboy interviewing neuroscientist Dr. Sabina Brennan about how the brain processes habits, learning, sleep, & lots more interesting topics.

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