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Friday, May 28, 2021

In This Edition:
Time Before Time, Robotic third thumb, software architecture approaches in 2021, web security tools, Russian nuclear spacecraft, and Ukraine's Eurovision 2021 song!

Comic book artist, writer & Clare-man Declan Shalvey wrote & launched a new time travel/crime series with Image comics recently called Time Before Time, co-written with fellow Irish writer Rory McConville and artist Joe Palmer. I read the first issue this week and it is excellent. I recommend you buy it from your local comic book shop, so that when it inevitably gets made into a TV show or film, you can boast about knowing about it first! :-)


Robotic Third Thumb

Image: UCL

Researchers at UCL conducted a study where participants trained themselves to use a robotic third thumb which was desisgned by the Royal College of Art. Users of the thrid thumb control its movement using their toes. The UCL study measured brain activity of participants after time using the thumb and found that the brain's representation of the hand had changed.


Software Architecture in 2021

Image: The Software House

Adam Polak at The Software House published an interesting overview piece on the state of software architecture approaches available in 2021, complete with design patterns, case studies, and micro-services.

Web Security Developer Tools

Image: Webhint

Ingrid from Netlify published an overview post on Dev Community describing five security tools for web developers to use to test their applications.


Russian Nuclear Spacecraft

Image: Moon, this photo is available to licence on EyeEm.

Russia's federal space agency Roscosmos announced plans for its nuclear power space tug spacecraft to go interplanetary in 2030 with missions to the Moon and Jupiter.


Ukraine's Eurovision 2021 Song

Image: YouTube, Go_A

I thought the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest was the best in years with lots of great tunes. Although it didn't win, Ukraine's entry from Go_A is an instant banger. Here's their longer version of the song to bop to!


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