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Friday, June 11, 2021

In This Edition:
Quantum Computing explainer, architecture terms, all the passes, website start kits, & in browser image compression!

Today I learned that National Geographic has added a new fifth ocean to the Earth, or rather has redesignated the waters around Antartica as the Southern Ocean.

Quantum Computing Explainer

Image; YouTube, Quanta Magazine

Quanta Magazine published a nice Quantum Computing expaliner video and article that gives a good overview of the fundametals of quantum computing, and why it is sometimes hard to describe when compared to classical computing.


Architecture Terms

Image: My Modern Met, Samantha Pires

Do you know your Burtalism from your Butresses? If not, this beautiful piece on My Modern Met will give you a glossary of architecture terms along with some lovely illustrations.


All The Passes

Image: Observable

Karim Douieb published a great interactive visualisation on Observable of 882,536 football passesObservable over 890 matches.


Website Starter Kits

Image: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine put together a very useful list of starter kits and boilerplates that you can use to build websites quickly, using a number of web languages and frameworks, form PHP to Vue.js.

In Browser Image Compression

Image: Compressimage.io

Compressimage.io is a browser based image compression tool that runs completely in the browser, meaning it works offline, is completely private, and results in zero server side emissions because there is no server!

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