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Friday, July 2, 2021

In This Edition:
LEGO bricks from plastic bottles, facemask COVID detector, Cholera rice vaccine, the inverse Conway law, & vegetables aren't real!

LEGO Bricks From Plastic Bottles

Image: LEGO

LEGO have developed a prototype material made from recycled PET plastic bottles that can use one recycled PET plastic bottle to produce ten 2 x 4 LEGO bricks.


Facemask COVID Detector

Image: Felice Frankel and MIT News Office

Researchers at MIT and Harvard have developed a COVID-19 detection system that is integrated into a facemask which tests the wearer's breath for COVID-19 in ninety minutes. The wFDCF technology uses freeze dried test moelcules that are activated when water is released into the testing unit via  release button. The system combines the high accuracy of a PCR test with the speed and low cost of an antigen test.


Cholera Rice Vaccine

Image:Dr. Hiroshi Kiyono

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a vaccine for Cholera that is delivered using genetically modified rice, which has successfully completed phase 1 human trials. The edible Cholerea vaccine hides in the membranes of fat in protein droplets within the rice cells, protecting it from the digestive system.

The Inverse Conway Law

Image: Unsplash, Paul Hanaoka

Melvin Conway stated in 1968 that "Any organisation that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organisation’s communication structure.". Andreas Wolff published an interesting post on CTO Craft about using an inverse Conway Law when designing the struture of an organisation. Instead of the development of a product mirroring the communication structure of an organisation, why not design the organisation to mirror the structure of a product? In this case, Wolff describes how microservices architecture can be mirrored to create an efficient orgnisation communication structure.


Podcast of the Week: NPR Shortwave on Vegetables Not Being Real!

Image: Unsplash, Waldemar Brandt

Vegetables aren't real! At least in a botanic sense. In this informative and mind blowing NPR Shortwave episode, I learned that vegetables are just a culinary designation and not a scientific classification. Brocolli, cauliflower, kale - all the same plant. Listen on later in the episode where we are told that strawberries aren't even berries!


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