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Friday, July 23, 2021

In This Edition:
Ted Lasso, stratosphere balloon telescope, inflammation clock, visualising SQL joins. soundproofing screws, & a bluetit nest building timelapse!

Just in time for the launch of season 2 today, I started watching Ted Lasso. The show was recommended as a charming, funny, and human TV show. It is so good. Every episode plays a merry dance across your emotions leaving you in equal parts joyous & devastated, but always entertained.

Stratosphere Balloon Telescope

Image: Guardian Graphic

SuperBIT (the Superpressure balloon-borne imaging telescope) is a football stadium sized balloon that will float around the world at 40,000 feet in the stratosphere to take precision images of space with a precision stabilised telescope suspended from the bottom. The project hopes to achieve Hubble level image results without the cost of a launching an orbital telescope into space.


Inflammation Clock

Image: Unsplash, Mortiz Kindler

Scientists have developed iAge, an inflammation based clock measure/test that can determine a person's biological age, which may be more or less than their chronological age, based on how healthy their immune system is at neutralising inflammation.


Visualising SQL Joins

Image: The Data School

Tim Miller at The Data School published the best visualisation of SQL joins that I've seen so far, It's a handy resource if, like me, you keep forgetting the differences.


Soundproofing Screws

Image: Malmö University

A team at Malmö University have developed a new soundproofing screw that, when used between dry wall panels and wooden studs, can reduce through-the-wall sound levels by 9 Db!


Bluetit Nest Building Timelapse

Image: Live Nest Box Camera 2021 - Loughborough, UK

Check out this great timelapse of a bluetit building a nest from scratch and laying an egg!

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