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Friday, August 6, 2021

In This Edition:
Phantom warships, the brain's musical expectation, our eyes can't focus on blue, common pitfalls of homepage UX, & Russia want to clone a 3000 year old army!

Phantom Warships

The AIS (Automatic identification system) is used (under international law) by naval vessels to broadcast and track their position on the water, to avoid collisions and aid search and rescue. The transponders on each vessel broadcast data that is detected by land based AIS stations and satellites. It turns out some AIS ground stations have been picking up phantom warships from different countries in places where they shouldn't be, the waters of other sovereign nations.

Analysts from non-profits Sky Truth and Global Fishing Watch have identified data markers that point towards these false AIS records, and have also verified the lack of physical presence of some of these phantom warships using satellite imagery, some of which were supposed to be off the coast of Cork.


The Brain's Musical Expectation

Image: Marion et al.

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin used EEG monitors to scan the brain of musicians while they listened to a piece of music and imagined a piece of music they knew. The study found that the brain's electrical activity for listened music and imagined or expected music was the same except for being of opposite voltage. When the listened music matched the expected music in the brain, the positive and negative signals cancel each other out. However when the music doesn't match what the brain is predicting or expecting, the brain reacts to the mismatch.


Our Eyes Can't Focus On Blue

Image: Caleb Kruse

Due to the differing focal points of coloured light, our eyes can't focus on blue as well as green and red light at the same time. As a result, our brain steps in and makes up the difference. Check out Caleb Kruse interesting post that illustrates this with some side by side comparisons of images with and without the blue channel.


Common Pitfalls of Homepage UX

Image: Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute published a useful post listing eight common pitfalls of homepage UX design, including carousels that are too fast, use of too many ads, and not displaying enough of a product range.

Russia Wants To Clone A 3000 Year Old Army

Image: Russian Geographical Society

The Russian Defence Minister wants to extract the DNA from the archealogical remains of Scythian warriors (9th to 2nd century BC) found in Siberia and use it clone an army of warriors. You would be forgiven in thinking this was the plot of a movie blockbuster but no, it was a conversation held during an online session of the Russian Geological Society last month.

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