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Friday, August 13, 2021

In This Edition:
150 Irish Language Resources, IPCC sixth assessment report on the climate emergency, matter from light, amateur astronomer discovers new moon of Jupiter, singer vocabularies, & Billboard number 1 songs!

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Image: IPCC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their sixth assessment report that projects five climate emergency scenarios based on current and future global emissions. The report shows that a 1.5 degree temperature increase is already locked in, and can only be reduced in the future if we hit net zero emissions by 2025. If the planet reaches net zero emission just after 2030, we are guaranteed a 2+ degree increase until after 2050. The two higher projections show that if we continue our current rate of carbon emissions, the planet will suffer climate breakdown after 2050. This excellent article on The Journal of Music sums up the situation well; "We don't have the luxury of not thinking about it any more".


Matter From Light

Physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have successfully observed the creation of matter from two colliding photons of light, in accordance with Breit-Wheeler process, which was first posited in 1934.


Amateur Astronomer Discovers New Moon Of Jupiter

Image: Carnegie Inst. for Science / Roberto Molar Candanosa

Amateur astronomer Kai Ly discovered the existence of a new moon orbiting Jupiter by analysing 76 observations taken over 15 years.


Singer Vocabularies

Image: Word Tips

Word Tips analysed the vocabularies used by 100 modern pop stars and the 100 greatest singers of all time to see who uses the most words. Patti Smith and Billie Eilish came out on top with 217 and 169 unique words per 1000.


Billboard Number 1 Songs

Image: Pudding.cool

Enjoy hours of entertainment by listening to this cool music player that plays through every Billboard number 1 song for the amount of weeks each song was in the top spot.


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