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Friday, September 3, 2021

In This Edition:
Cognitive bias, higher order interactions & hypergraphs, AI movie posters, acoustic weapon that annoys you into stop talking, & a bird mimics a baby crying!

Cognitive Bias

Image: created a lovely infographic showcasing all 188 cognitive biases, which is showcased by Visual Capitalist.

Higher Order Interactions & Hypergraphs

Image: Mike Hughes, Quanta Magazine

Quanta Magazine published an interesting article on the new frontiers of graph theory within computer science where big data is starting the stretch the capabilities of regular graphs in favour of, in some circumstances, hyper-graphs and higher order interactions to better model and analyse relationships within the highly connected data.


AI Movie Posters

Image: Noah Veltman

Noah Veltman used AI to generate a series of movie posters based on a brief text description of each movie, and they are glorious!


Acoustic Weapon That Annoys You Into Stop Talking

Image: Unsplash, Markus Spiske

The U.S. Navy have created a crowd control device that can record speech and project it back at a target within milliseconds, which results in so much confusion that the target person stops talking. The acoustic hailing and disruption (AHAD) device can also project sound at a wall so that it seem the sound originates from the wall.

Bird Mimics Baby Crying

Image: Taronga Zoo


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