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Friday, September 10, 2021

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Javascript software design patterns, code commenting best practices, questions when joining a new software team, View Source, & Ten Years Ago!

This week I watched the 6 part BBC documentary The Death Of Yugoslavia on YouTube, after Gavin Sheridan recommended it in his excellent newsletter. The documentary aired in September 1995, 6 months after the signing of Dayton Agreement bringing peace between the Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians in the former Yugoslavia. The documentary catalogues the Yugoslav Wars with shocking footage and interviews with the main decision makers that talk openly, in most cases, about decisions that were later declared as war crimes.

While it is fascinating to see a snapshot of history captured so close to the real events, it is also shocking to see the horrors of what occurred. I happened to visit Yugoslavia in 1988 as an oblivious child on holiday. I do remember how beautiful the country was and, back then, how little the people had. The documentary is a tough watch but also very historically informative and intriguing, particularly the hostage negotiation phone call for the kidnapped Bosnian president on live TV!

Javascript Software Design Patterns


Zeeshan Haider Shaheen over on put together a handy post describing how to implement lots of software design patterns in Javascript.


Code Commenting Best Practices

Image: Stackoverflow

Ellen Spertus lists some best practices for commenting code on the Stack Overflow blog.


Questions When Joining A New Software Team

Image: Thomas Stringer

Thomas Stringer published an excellent set of questions that every software developer can/should ask when joining a new team. Some of these could really cut straight through any inefficient, or missing, onboarding process.


View Source

Image: Neatnik

View Source is a handy tool for use on desktop and mobile that lets you see the source code of any webpage, nicely formatted and syntax highlighted.


Ten Years Ago

Image: Neal Agarwal

Neal Agarwal created a neat interface on the Internet Archive that allows the user to see the homepage of a range of high profile websites on this day ten years ago.


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