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Friday, October 22, 2021

In This Edition:
Supervolcano generator, how to mint a NFT, SaaS metrics, Docker primer, & Chrome developer tools tips & tricks!

Supervolcano Generator

Image: lightpix / iStock

NASA have a backup plan to cool Yellowstone's supervolcano in case it gets close to erupting, by drilling holes in the sides and pumping super-cooled water through the volcano chamber. The exiting water would be heated to around 350°C on the way out from cooling the volcano and on the way into a geo-thermal plant to generate electricity. A win-win, at the cost of $3.46B.

How To Mint A NFT

Image: Freecodecamp

Aly at Free Code Camp published a great piece with steps on how to code, publish and mint your own NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. (Speaking of NTFs, check out my first NFT photography series!)


SaaS Metrics

Image: Substack, David Sacks & Ethan Ruby

Do you know your ARR from your MRR from your NRR? If not, check out this great post from David Sacks & Ethan Ruby on Substack that explains each of the core SaaS metrics. Their product Saas Grid is a neat tool that lets you track your own metrics.

Docker Primer

Image: Docker

Jeff Hale writes a very useful primer series on Towards Data Science explaining what Docker is and how to use it.

Chrome Developer Tools Tips & Tricks

Image: Bitsrc

Yasas Sri Wickramasinghe put together a great list of extremely useful tips and tricks in Chrome Developer Tools that you may not have seen yet, such as the CSS overview tool, and the CSP violation detector.


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