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Friday, October 29, 2021

In This Edition:
Connection in a digital office, Cloud Carbon Footprint, Thoughtworks Technology Radar, algorithm wiki, & the longest running TV shows!

I recently finished watching Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime. I had avoided it having fallen out of love with Top Gear years ago, and I expected the same from this show. However, after a few recommendations I gave it a go and thoroughly enjoyed it. The toxic masculinity, buffoonery and utter meaninglessness that was so evident in Top Gear in recent years is almost non-existent in this new show. All of that guff is replaced with a learning journey that the audience join Clarkson on as he tries to get to grips with the everyday reality of running a farm, albeit it with a lot of help and plenty of laughs along the way. It provides a fascinating window into the farming world, without having to put the wellies on.

Connection In A Digital Office


With the large amounts of remote working in place now, many proponents of a return to the office talk about missing the spontaneous productivity of casual in person meetings in the office. Seth Godin gives a different view on how remote work allows so much more equitable collaboration and that productivity can and does still happen, it just requires effort.


Cloud Carbon Footprint


Cloud Carbon Footprint is a useful site that will tell you the carbon footprint of your cloud computing accounts across a range of providers.

Thoughtworks Technology Radar

Image: Thoughtworks

The latest edition (25) of the extremely useful Technology Radar is out now. The radar plots a range of the latest tools, platforms, techniques & languages in the categories of Adopt, Trial, Assess & Hold, based on the vast experience of the consultancy company in using them all every day.


Algorithm Wiki


Algorithm Wiki is a repository of algorithms categorised by family which came about when scientists at MIT decided to measure how algorithms have improved over time.


The Longest Running TV Shows

Image: Flowing Data

Nathan Yau over at Flowing Data plotted the IMDB ratings of the longest running TV shows, number one being The Daily Show with 4000 episodes and The Bill with 2402.


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