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Friday, November 19, 2021

In This Edition:
First synthetic fuelled flight, cloaking atoms, holographic camera sees the unseen, get wealthy without working too hard, & stacking virtual rocks!

First Synthetic Fuelled Flight

Image: Twitter, RAF

Captain Peter Hackett of The Royal Air Force has set a world record for the first flight fuelled with synthetic fuel. The flight lasted 21 minutes on fuel made from captured carbon dioxide from the air combined with hydrogen molecules from water.

Cloaking Atoms

Image: MIT

MIT physicists have successfully demonstrated the Pauli exclusion principle, where a cloud of atoms that are ultra-cooled lose their ability to scatter light and start to become less visible.


Holographic Camera Sees The Unseen

Image: Florian Willomitzer/Northwestern University

Researchers at Northwestern University have built a scattered light holographic camera that can see the unseen. The camera indirectly scatters coherent light onto hidden objects and detects any subsequent light scattering that arrives back into the camera. An image is then reconstructed using this returned scattered light to visualise hidden objects.


Get Wealthy Without Working Too Hard

There are a lot of assumptions in Amaca's blog about how he got wealthy without working too hard, but the post is nevertheless interesting & might spark a life rethink for some. Applying the 80/20 rule to any aspect of your life is always worth considering, and so it getting out of the rat race.


Stacking Virtual Rocks

Image: Neal.fun

Have some fun by stacking these virtual rocks!


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