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Friday, September 9, 2022

In This Edition:
Sustainability of food & energy production, Cleanup Pictures, piano chords, the Peter Principle, & a drone over Everest!

I'm delighted to say that I made for Foras na Gaeilge! Check out the mp3 phrases in 3 dialects, to match the book.
Táim breá sásta a rá go ndearna mé do Foras Na Gaeilge! Féach ar gach frása mp3 i ngach canúint ar líne, ag teacht leis an leabhar.


Sustainability of Food & Energy Production

Image: Our World In Data

Hannah Richie wrote a great piece for Works In Progress on some natural assumptions and contradictions we have when thinking about the environmental sustainability of food and energy production. Did you know that the production of chocolate causes almost as much land use change as beef farming, or that energy production from coal causes 613 times as many deaths as nuclear power? This article is full of assumption breaking facts.

Cleanup Pictures

Image: Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures is a free online tool that allows you to remove items from images, as if by magic!

Piano Chords

Image: Piano Chords is a great online reference tool to learn chords on the piano.


The Peter Principle

Image: BBC Archive

Check out this great video (with super graphics) from the BBC Archives of an interview with Dr Laurence J. Peter, who coined the Peter Principle. I did not know it was meant to be expressed as satire while describing a very real phenomenon.


Drone Over Everest

Image: YouTube, DJI

In association with 8Kraw, DJI flew a Mavic 3 over Mount Everest, and recorded a video for all of us to watch!


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