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Saturday, November 19, 2022

In This Edition:
Intel deepfake detector, bopping rats, digital accessibility guide, px vs em vs rem, & clock time!

I love a good crossover, and this podcast my friends is a stellar crossover!

Intel Deepfake Detector

Image: Intel

Intel launched a deepfake video detector called FakeCatcher. The deep learning system boasts 96% accuracy by detecting and modelling the blood flow in the face.


Bopping Rats

Image: Ito et al, University of Tokyo

Researchers at the University of Tokyo conducted experiments that show rats nodding their heads in sync with musical beats, marking the first innate time beat synchronisation has been observed in animals.

Digital Accessibility Guide


Google, through the web developers website, published a handy digital accessibility guide covering topics like motion, colour contrast, & page structure.


PX vs EM vs REM

Image: Josh Collinsworth

Josh Collinsworth published a post describing why the best unit to use for font sizes in CSS is definitely not px.

Clock Time

Image: Tom Critchlow

Tom Critchlow describes in his book The Strategic Consultant, the difference between operating on clock time versus narrative time in an organisation, and how an independent consultant can hack the system.


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