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Friday, April 14, 2023

In This Edition:
AI agents simulate daily life better than humans, AI 2D to 3D scene generation, God Mode, hyperdimensional computing, & sustainable data & AI practices!

If you are a Star Trek fan, I strongly recommend you watch episode 9 of Picard season 3! :-)

AI Agents Simulate Daily Life Better Than Humans

Image: J.S. Park, J.C. O’Brien, C.J. Cai, M. Morris, P. Liang, M.S. Bernstein

Researchers at Stanford and Google created a human behaviour simulation with AI agents designed to simulate daily life. When left to run, the simulation agents organised a valentine's day party among themselves, in a better manner than the human evaluator control group.


AI 2D To 3D Scene Generation

Image: Google

Researchers at Google released Zip-NeRF this week. A neural radiance field (NeRF) is a fully-connected neural network that can generate novel views of complex 3D scenes, based on a partial set of 2D images. Zip-NeRF incorporates complex anti-aliasing and faster training than previous NeFT system, with very impressive results.


God Mode

Image: God Mode

God Mode is a new AI tool that combines a LLM model with AI agents that can access the internet and incorporate results into subsequent tasks.


Hyperdimensional Computing

Image: Quanta Magazine, Myriam Wares

Hyperdimensional computing uses vectors to encode information and relationships in 10,000 dimensional space, and could supercharge current AI computing models.


Sustainable Data & AI Practices

Image: Bernard Marr & Co

Bernard Marr & Co have put together a useful list of tactics to incorporate sustainability in the use of data processing and AI computing.

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