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Friday, July 7, 2023

In This Edition:
Cloudways, hygroelectricity, oil & gas causes 535 times more mining, EV range visualiser, Cuboid, & PhD Simulator!

I've started using Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting for a few client projects and I am very impressed, It offers management services on top of a range of cloud hosting providers and allows you to deploy and scale easily. It even manages CMS installations and upgrades seamlessly (e.g Drupal), which is what I have used it for and it saves me lots of time. Check out my affiliate link here, which generates commission for this blog if you buy a Cloudways hosting plan.



Image: Unsplash, Michał Mancewicz

An interesting article in The Guardian describes two discoveries that show hygroelectricity, which is generating electricity from the charge in humid air.


Oil & Gas Causes 535 Times More Mining

Image: Distilled

Michael Thomas wrote a visually powerful piece for Distilled about how mining for oil & gas causes 535 times the amount of mining needed for a green economy, which includes mining for EV batteries materials.


EV Range Visualiser

Image: Charge Trip

Charge Trip is an EV range visualiser that allows the user to select an electric car and toggle real world variable like weather, in order to display the range of the EV on a map.



Image: Cuboid

Cuboid is a simple and very enjoyable browser based game made by Thomas Friday.


PhD Simulator

Image: PhD Simulator

PhD Simulator by Mianzhi Wang is a text game that gives us an insight into the hope-sapping research merry-go-round that is a PhD studentship.


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