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Friday, August 25, 2023

In This Edition:
Windmill heat generation, addressing imposter syndrome, filtering microplastics, new qubit fault tolerance method, & how to tackle the myopia epidemic!

Windmill Heat Generation

Image: Chakirov, Roustiam, and Yuriy Vagapov

Low Tech magazine published an interesting article about heat generating windmills and how efficient they are using different configurations and technologies. The article demonstrates that a heat generating windmill can cover 40-70% of modern heating needs.

Addressing Imposter Syndrome

Image: Andertoons

A Smart Bear offers a quirky way of addressing imposter syndrome, which is to accept that we all suffer from it, even famous people, and if they can succeed despite it, so can you.


Filtering Microplastics

Image: Unsplash, FLY:D

Futurism describes how researchers in Canada have discovered sawdust coating in fruit tannins can filter 95.2% to 99.95 of microplastics from water.


New Qubit Fault Tolerance Method

Image: Unsplash, Galina Nelyubova

Quanta magazine reports on a fascinating new method of quantum computing qubit grouping that delivers more efficient measurement fault tolerances than the existing 20-year-old industry standard method.


How To Tackle The Myopia Epidemic

Image: An Rong Xu

Amit Katwala published a riveting story in WIRED about how the myopia epidemic in Taiwan and how researchers and practitioners discovered the causes of myopia, which is lack of sustained sunlight, and developed a preventative regime for children.


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