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Friday, September 1, 2023

In This Edition:
Small scale direct & battery assisted solar power, 7 climate tipping points of no return, managing difficult software engineers, Outlook UI for Reddit, & Footprints shoe printer!

I binge-watched Foundation recently, which is currently nearing the end of Season 2. It is very good, like Game of Thrones but in the future.

Small Scale Direct & Battery Assisted Solar Power

Image: Marie Verdeil

Kris De Decker wrote a fascinating piece in Low Tech Magazine about how to use small scale solar power in your home. Using solar panels on his balcony with a lead acid battery, he powers his lights, music system, laptops and device charging, which he calculates will cost €1,290 over 30 years. The piece also describes the Living Energy Farm that uses direct solar power without battery backups to run an entire farm with workshops, kitchen, and several homes.

7 Climate Tipping Points of No Return

Image: Grist

Grist published a very informative piece that explains the 7 climate tipping points that we are heading towards, and why they are called point of no return.


Managing Difficult Software Engineers

Image: Vadim Kravcenko


Outlook UI For Reddit

Image: pcottle


Footprints Shoe Printer

Image: Taylor TAbb

San Francisco designer and engineer Taylor Tabb created a HP themed printer shoe that has a printer in the heel, and called it Footprints. *chef's kiss*


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