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Friday, September 8, 2023

In This Edition:
Human powered air compressor, 556 new words for 2023, car data privacy (or lack thereof), from MVP to SLC, & games controller CT scans!

This excellent video from 1979 is an interview with a man hired for £7,000 to dismantle a huge industrial chimney one brick at a time, from the top down! I'll never worry about taking on a big project as a solo developer again!

Human Powered Air Compressor

Image: Andy Lagzdins

Andy Lagzdins describes how he converted an air compressor that run tools in his workshop to be powered by human power, using a bicycle to recharge a 10 gallon air tank and an 80 gallon tank.

556 New Words For 2023

Image: published their collection of 2023 dictionary editions, which include 566 new words such as Blursday, greenwashing, sportswashing, and sleep debt.


Car Data Privacy (Or Lack Thereof)


Mozilla published an important report about car data privacy. The report shows that every car company is very bad at managing and implementing data privacy. They all collect too much data, most of them sell it on and don't give drivers control over their data, and are very bad at security.


From MVP to SLC


A Smart Bear published an interesting discussion on how minimal viable products (MVP) aren't all they're cracked up to be, and simple, loveable and complete (SLC) products are a much better experience for users.


Games Controller CT Scans

Image: Scan of the Month

Scan of the month takes computed tomography (CT) scans of objects and they recently published CT scans of games controllers, because why not?

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