Podcasts in 2020

Image: The David McWilliams Podcast

I leaned in heavily to podcast consumption during lockdown, mainly during home gym sessions as a way of multi-tasking/procrastinating between sets! I regularly feature podcast episodes of interest on Found This Week (check out the podcast tag) and as you might expect, the big podcasts I continue to recommend include The Tim Ferriss Show, The Blindboy PodcastThe Tropical MBA podcast, and The Motherfoclóir podcast.

This year, The David McWilliams podcast became the podcast I most looked forward to listening to every week, and I was delighted when they went to twice weekly. The show breaks down economics and current geo-politics into high level and easy to understand terms. The mix of David's unique high level view, John's direction and finely timed clarification questioning, and the assortment of expert guests makes the podcast an interesting and entertaining listen.

Special mention to the That Great Business Show podcast which is also a great new addition to my listenting list this year.


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