Podcast Of The Week: The Tropical MBA - How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky

Image: Sweatystartup.com

The Tropical MBA podcast is great every week, but recently they released a fantastic interview with Nick Huber, co-founder of Storage Squad. A few episodes previous, Nick was on the show to talk about Storage Squad but during this follow up episode, he described the somewhat untapped opportunity of starting a traditional service business where the competitors have little to no web presence, and subsequently crushing them!

Service businesses that benefit from quick quoting and booking turnaround using technology, but with old fashioned manual service delivery and great customer care are the gold in them there hills of business opportunity according to Nick. In terms of inspirational content, this episode was absolute fire! Nick and his co-founder added tech efficiency to the self storage business with their company and now he is sharing his secrets, tips and tricks through his own podcast The Sweaty Startup.


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