Items of Interest


Axis Ballymun released a fantastic love-letter to the Irish Langauge this week, written and performed by Roxanna Nic Liam. Siúcra elegantly addresses the tension many Irish people experience when it comes to Gaeilge.

My Octopus Teacher

This week I watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. It's a narrated documentary by Craig Foster about bonding with an octopus in the ocean. The film is visually stunning and extremely heartwarming. If you are looking for a perspective reset and something as far away from the pandemic as possible, this is the film to watch.

Regex Crossword

Want to pass a few hours in the blink of an eye through shear frustration? Well today is your lucky day! :-p This regex crossword was created by Jimb Essler based on a puzzle written by Dan Gulotta for the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt. I've unsuccessfully spent two late nights trying to solve this so far :-) 

Faster Linear Equation Solving

Richard Peng and Santosh Vampala of Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new method of solving linear equations that is faster than matrix multiplication. Quanta magazine published an interesting article describing the new method, how it differs from standard matrix multiplication using coordinated random guessing, and how it can solve any sparse linear equation in n2.332 steps compared to the n2.372 of matrix multiplication.