Mackintosh Hill House Chain Mail Box

In Helensburgh in Scotland, famous designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh built his showcase Hill House in 1904. A weaker Portland cement was used in the construction and is now unfortunately crumbling after over 100 years of exposure to one of the wettest regions of Scotland. To preserve the house and protect it from the rain, The National Trust has built a massive chain mail box over the house which will keep it dry but also ventilated. The box includes 32.4 million hand sewn steel rings!

Music in 2021

My favourite album of the year is Game On by Mick Flannery & Susan O'Neill. Their voices perfectly accompany each other like two sides of a musical coin. Pure magic.   Dry Goods - House Plants Dry Goods, the debut album from House Plants is just great, and gets better with every listen!  

Movies in 2021

My October Teacher is a documentary about a diver who earns the trust of an octopus over the course of a year diving in the same area. It doesn't sound very engaging, but I guarantee you'll be hooked into the daily routine of that octopus before long :-)   Doctor Sleep

TV in 2021

Far and away the best show for me this year was Ted Lasso. It's not really about the story (which is great), it's about how it makes you feel! Every episode is an emotional rollercoaster and takes you from laughing to crying in the space of a scene, in a good way :-)   The Expanse


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