Movie Review: The Game Changers

Image: Netflix

This week I watched The Game Changers on Netflix and I was blown away. Ever since encountering How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger and, I've learnt that plant protein is far healthier than animal protein. Watching The Game Changers really contextualised this in terms that everyone can understand, using professional athletes to illustrate just how inhibiting a meat based diet can be for their performance. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dottie Bausch and a large group of Tennessee Titans NFL players, among others, attest firsthand at how their health and performance improved when they switched to a plant based diet.

The film describes the science behind why animal and plant proteins are different and how your body digests both. Also discussed is the huge tole the agricultural industry is having on the climate. An experiment with a group of FDNY firefighters is shown where they went meat free for 7 days and saw huge drops in their cholesterol and blood pressure levels after just one week. Another experiment that stood out was with a group of players from the Miami Dolphins who were given meat burritos for breakfast on day one and bean burritos on day two. After each meal they gave blood which was processed in a centrifuge to seperated the plasma. After the meat meal their plasma was cloudy and after the bean meal their plasma was completely transparent!




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