Movies in 2020

Image: Le Mans '66

With the cinema becoming a potential arena of peril because of COVID, new movie releases were few and far between, and so is my selection of movies for 2020. Aside from re-watching all of the Marvel MCU movies in order, only a few movies jumped out for consideration this year. Top of the list is Ford Vs Ferrari (Le Mans '66). It came out in 2019 but I didn't get around to seeing it until early this year. For me, this film is a near perfect blockbuster. Impeccably shot, this sports/historical dramatisation has everything; characters to root for, a goal to get behind (winning the race), and an entertaining setup and delivery (said race). More importantly for me is what is missing from this blockbuster. There is no serious violence, no overly sinister characters or scenes and no shock factor, just an enjoyable hero's journey film.


The Two Popes

Aside from the sympathetic view of The Catholic Church, I enjoyed The Two Popes as a drama depicted in an interesting situation and premise. It is not be confused with being a documentary however.


Dating Amber

Set in mid 90's Ireland, Dating Amber is a coming of age story of two gay teenagers trying to find their way in a repressive Irish society. A return to my screen of Fionn O'Shea who played asshole Jamie in Normal People. Thankfully he is such a good actor that I quickly forgot about my residual hatred of his Normal People character. This film pulls on the heartstrings and does a great job of bringing together many complex themes.



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