Podcasts Of The Week: The David McWilliams Podcast - Exploring the ramifications of a united Ireland

Image: podtail.com

This week I caught up with some episodes of The David McWilliams Podcast. I like the format of the episodes where his friend asks the (sometimes leading) questions which makes the content more of a conversation down the pub rather than a sermon in the church of behavioural economics. The stat man Finn also sounds a bit like The Viper, so I picture The Viper in a smoke filled room speaking in hushed tones over a laptop with Excel in full screen mode :-p.

One particular episode I found interesting and very topical at the moment is the Exploring the ramifications of a united Ireland episode where the team discuss the political, economical and societal complexities of what a united Ireland might look like in a post no-deal Brexit world. An bhfuil an lá ag teacht?


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