Title Cities

Artist and web designer Nicholas Rougeux created a fantasticly creative project called Title Cities, where he converts text on the covers of historic books with blocks of colours, and then extracts and rearranges these blocks into cityscape posters.

Everything Is Going To Be OK

Artist Allan McCollum produced an online exhibition that showcases the trope of reassurance in TV & Film with variation of the phrase "Everything is going to be OK". The series is called "An Ongoing Collection ofScreengrabs With Reassuring Subtitles" however a lot of the scenes depicted don't suggest reassurance, despite the dialogue. Perhaps that's the point.

Open Peeps

Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library of people created by Pablo Stanley, which is free for commercial and private use under CCO Licence. The library even allows you to mix and match clothing and hairstyles of the drawn people.


Life Changing Smart Thinking Books

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