Better Noise Cancelling

Researchers at the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory have demonstrated a better mechanism for noise cancelling headphones that uses wireless signals to send sound data from microphones close to the sound source, allowing less processing and microphone hardware to be installed on the headphones themselves.

Edge TPU

Google have released two new Edge TPU hardware implementations available for its Tensorflow Processing Unit. The machine learning chips can be embedded on dev board or bundled into a USB stick device. Both devices are due to be available in the Autumn.

DJI Node

DJI have created NODE (Network of Drone Enthusiasts), a community of drone pilots and owners with the aim of advocating for fair and responsible drone regulations in Europe.

MIT Cheetah 3

MIT have released another video of humans being mean to robots their Cheetah 3 quadruped robot navigating a range of obstacles blind (without image sensors), including running up debris filled stairs (haha, take that Daleks!) and enduring being poked with a big stick while running and minding it's own business!  

Spectral Invisibility Cloak

Researchers have demonstrated a new cloaking technique that is effective within broadband light illumination. The technique selectively transfers energy from certain colours of the light wave to other colours. In the example image above, green light energy reflected when light passes through the object is redirected to other parts of the spectrum, effectively cancelling out the colours reflected from an object, making it invisible to the observer.  

NUIG Computer Science CPD Programmes

The School of Education in NUIG has received funding from Google's Educator Grants programme to develop professional development programmes for teachers. The CPD programmes aim to prepare and support teachers in the teaching of computational thinking and computer science. NUI Galway Receives Funding from Google for Computer Science Professional Development Programmes


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