Unreal Mandalorian

The new Star Wars spin-off show The Mandalorian uses the Unreal game engine to dynamically generate responsive backgrounds onto a LED wall behind the actors. The engine can dynamically change the perspective of the scene based on the position of the camera to create a parallax effect in real time.

Acoustic Trap Display

Researchers at University of Sussex have developed an Acoustic Trap Display to create a holographic interface. The display uses an array of ultrasound speakers to levitate a white bead at fast speeds within a 3 dimensional plane. A laser array lights up the bead at high speed which tricks the eye into seeing a 3D display.

Project Silica

Microsoft and Warner brothers have create a pilot long term storage project called Microsoft Project Silica. The project uses a slide of 3 inch by 3 inch glass silica to store 75.6GB of data in 100+ layers of 3D voxels. The pilot project archived the 1978 Superman film onto a slide which will last 1000+ years.

Laser Voice Commands

Researchers from Tokyo and The University of Michigan have published a paper showing that it is possible to hijack voice assistants and issue commands using lasers pointed at the microphone. Commands can be issued from up to 350 feet away by vibrating the diaphragm of the device's microphone to simulate a real voice command. The research team successfully hijacked Google Home/Nest, Echo Plus/Show/Dot, Facebook Portal Mini, Fire Cube TV, EchoBee 4, iPhone XR, iPad 6th Gen, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 devices.

Roaming Eagles

Russian researchers tracking the migratory patterns of eagles racked up a huge mobile data roaming bill when the eagles, which were fitted with mobile trackers, crossed country borders into Iran and Kazakhstan and used up the entire budget of the research project because of roaming data charges!


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