Podcast of the Week: Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman - Stephen Wolfram

I recently discovered the Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman podcast via Find That Pod. It's like the Tim Ferris podcast but very heavy on the science detail. Lex interviews a range of the world's leading scientists, theorists and technologists and digs deep into their topics. I enjoyed his interview with Stephen Wolfram. Most of the podcast episodes leave me with questions and the want to learn more, which is great!

Eavesdropping By Watching A Lightbulb

Researchers at Ben Gurion University have demonstrated that sound in a room can be reproduced by watching a lightbulb in that room, from up to 82ft away. The technology, named Lamphone, detects vibrations on the light bulb caused by the sound in the room and process these vibrations to recreate the sound. The resultant audio is good enough for Shazam to recognise a song that was played in the room.


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