Bill Gates On Vehicles

Bill Gates published a blog post about his thoughts on the future of transport, in particularly vehicle transport. Electric vehicles are great for short haul, provided the efficiency of battery weight to range is improved. He sees the future of long-haul transport in biofuels, that can take CO2 from the atmosphere and combine with water to create hydrogen without any waste. These biofuels power vehicles and extract CO2 from the air, a win win!

Lockpicking With Sound

Researchers at the National Unviersity of Singapore have developed a system called SpiKey that can predict 10 possible options of a key design just by recording the sound of a key in a lock. Of the 586,584 possible key combinations for a 6-pin lock, SpiKey can be used on approx. 56% of them to generate candidate key options that will open the lock.

Power Bricks

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a method to turn mason bricks into batteries. By soaking the bricks in a PEDOT conductive polymer, the bricks become capable of storing and conducting energy. One brick can be charged to 3 Volts in 10 seconds and then power a LED light for 10 minutes!

Podcast of the Week: Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman - Stephen Wolfram

I recently discovered the Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman podcast via Find That Pod. It's like the Tim Ferris podcast but very heavy on the science detail. Lex interviews a range of the world's leading scientists, theorists and technologists and digs deep into their topics. I enjoyed his interview with Stephen Wolfram. Most of the podcast episodes leave me with questions and the want to learn more, which is great!


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