China's Mach 30 Wind Tunnel

China has developed a testing wind tunnel that can operated a speeds up to Mach 30, using a series of timed explosives that off each other onto a single point. This interesting article describes the Chinese breakthrough, as well as the other methods deployed by other wind tunnels. Unfortunately, this new wind tunnel is most likely being used to test a hypersonic nuclear missile.

LLM API Stacks

Sequoia Capital surveyed companies across its investment network to see how many companies are using large language models (LLMs), and what frameworks and tools stack they use to deliver their AI powered products. Needless to say, OpenAI enjoys wide adoption among those surveyed.

Near Silent Drone Delivery

The autonomous drone delivery company Zipline released details of their impressive new delivery platform. A whisper quiet drone with specially designed propellers based on hummingbirds hovers overhead and lowers a shuttlecraft looking storage box that uses its own propeller fans to guide its descent to the ground, where it opens a hatch and delivers your package. Zipline already deliver medical suppliers across Rwanda as part of the 600,000 deliveries they have made so far. Check out the Irish connection at 34:30 in their latest keynote.


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