Free Skillfinder & E-College Courses

Skillfinder is an Australian website that brings together a range of free short courses developed and delivered by a host of tech companies such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Courses are available in a number of categories from Computing Basics and Coding to Machine Learning and Project Managment. E-College is a similar website that is available to residents of The Republic of Ireland, but E-college courses also include exams and certifications.

GPS Vulnerabilities

Kate Murphy in The New York Times wrote a fascinating article about the vulnerabilities of GPS and how GPS signals can be spoofed and interfered with by anyone from nation states to delivery drivers wanting to take longer breaks who unintentially interfere with airport tracking systems!

GameBoy WorkBoy

YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming tracked down a fascinating unreleased GameBoy accessory from 1992 that turned the GameBoy into a desktop computer! WorkBoy used a connected keyboard and game cartridge to bring PDA functionality to the GameBoy with apps like calculator, alarm, phone book and appointment book, in 1992!

Engineering Axioms

Martin Rue published a great list of his engineering axioms, principles to live your work life by. The useful advice stretches across the technical and social domains, like "don't pick a solution until you've thought of at least one more" and "treat people who know less than you with respect and patience".

Netflix 40ms Bug

John Blair, partner engineer at Netflix, published an interesting post about tracking down a bug in the Netflix Android application that was causing playback to stutter on a set-top box. Turns out an extra 40ms delay in thread management by Android was bubbling up to cause the playback to stutter. What I found interesting is the process of exploration using logging that John used to narrow down the delay.


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