Researchers and MIT and IBM have created a new image dataset to use in the training of computer vision models. The new dataset, called ObjectNet, includes images of obscure objects at obscure angles among cluttered environments. The purpose of the new dataset is to help train algorithms on more real-world style scenarios.

Google Coral

Google's Coral embedded AI devices are out of beta and are released to the public. The devices run tensorflow AI onboard, allowing AI solutions to be deployed in the field, such as in hospitals and water treatment plants.

McDonalds AI

McDonalds have started using AI to control digital drive through displays to suggest menu options based on time of day, weather and product popularity. Some McDonalds restaurants are trialling number plate recognition to add a customer's previous orders into the recommendation system.

3D Ken Burns Effect From Single Image

Researchers at Portland State University and Adobe have demonstrated being able to generate a 3D Ken Burns effect (parallax) using a single image. The system uses neural networks to generate depth predictions and object boundaries, and context aware in-painting to generate the missing pieces of the video to simluate a moving point of focus. We can tick another Star Trek TNG sci-fi concept off the list.

AI Voice Mimic Heist

AI generated voice mimicking software was used to persuade a director of a German energy subsidiary in the UK that their boss was on the phone and allowed theives to order the director to transfer funds to their bank account! This is believed to the first voice-AI assisted theft, so convincing that the director in question who made the transfer said that the software even imitated the tonality of the boss' voice.


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