Edge TPU

Google have released two new Edge TPU hardware implementations available for its Tensorflow Processing Unit. The machine learning chips can be embedded on dev board or bundled into a USB stick device. Both devices are due to be available in the Autumn.

Google Duplex

Google unveiled Duplex at this year's Google IO. Duplex is a mind-blowing AI voice bot that can have conversations with real people in order to complete tasks like dinner reservations. The examples are amazing, the system can deal with interruptions and can clarify details during the call in a realistic manner.Have a listen to the call below:

Using AI on The Vatican Secret Archives

Researchers in Italy, on a project called In Codice Ratio, are using OCR and AI to begin to digitise hand written manuscripts from The Vatican Secret Archives. The challenge lies in creating an OCR system efficient enough in recognising hand written Latin script. The researchers have pioneered a mehtod called jigsaw segmentation, where a word is segmented into blocks analogous to pen strokes, as opposed to segmentation by letter.

Dog Neural Network

Researchers at The University of Washington have trained a neural network to act like a dog by feeding it video footage and audio from a gopro strapped to a dog. The model can predict a series of actions and movements that a dog makes given a start and end state.


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