NVIDIA Photo Generator

NVIDIA have released a have showcased a demo of its GauGAN image generation tool. The software allows the user to draw rudimentary scenes using a interface similiar to MS Paint, which are then converted into photo-realistic scenes using generative adversarial networks. Check out Peter McKinnon's reaction to the software in this video.

AI in Retail

Vogue Business has an interesting article about how traditional retailers are using AI to increase sales. Some are using AI to recommend custom store displays based on the profile and buying habits of their regular customers. Others are using AI to select first time customers to invite to special offer events in order to convert them to repeat customers.

Otto AI Fulfilment

German ecommerce website Otto uses an AI algorithm to forcast the stock it needs to purchase. The algorithm, originally developed for particle-physics experiments at CERN, predicts with 90% accuracy the products that will be sold within the next 30 days across 200,000 products.

AI Master Fingerprints

Researchers at New York University and University of Michigan used a AI generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate a set of master fingerprints that can fool low security fingerprint scanners 76% of the time. At more realistic security levels, the master fingerprints can are falsly matched by sensors 22% of the time.


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