Tech in 2020

Analst Benedict Evans has publised an interesting presentation on the state of Tech in 2020, from a talk he gave at Davos. The interesting presentation looks into how regulation may be the next societal step for the tech revolution to take.

Copyrighting Every Melody

In an attempt to stop music copyright lawsuits, Damien Rhiel and Noah Rubin, two programmer musicians algorithmically generated every possible 8 note, 12-beat melody combo and saved them to a hard drive. Once in tangible format, the work is considered copyrighted however because the MIDI data is numbers, and numbers are considered as facts in copyright law which have thin or no copyright claim, the music may be considered not copyrightable.

Diversity in Organisations

Karla Thomas posted a fantastic helper post on medium for organisations looking to welcome diversity, by actually doing the work and not just saying "We welcome diversity". The post describes initiatives that companies need to adopt such as anti-bias training, HR policy reviews, holiday celebration and assessment tools.


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