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Netflix 40ms Bug

John Blair, partner engineer at Netflix, published an interesting post about tracking down a bug in the Netflix Android application that was causing playback to stutter on a set-top box. Turns out an extra 40ms delay in thread management by Android was bubbling up to cause the playback to stutter. What I found interesting is the process of exploration using logging that John used to narrow down the delay.

Web Almanac 2020

The HTTP Archive has published the 2020 Web Almanac, which combines the raw stats and trends of the TTP Archive with the expertise of the web community in order to document that latest start of the art on the web, from web development languages, to UX and deployment.

Using prefers-reduced-data

The Polypane blog posted a great how to article on using the new prefers-reduced-data media query when creating websites. Support for the new prefers-reduced-data is on the way in browsers, and it let web developers specify lower size resources and omre efficient methods of operation for users with lower bandwidths.


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