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Holiday Radio

Jon Keegan has an interesting post on medium that analyses 122 hours of holiday radio from New York's WLTW 106.7 LiteFM. The data plots the most played Christmas song (Santa Claus is Coming to Town - all versions), most played specific version (Bing Cosby's White Christmas) and most played performers (Bublé) among other interested facts like plays per time of day and song versions by play count. 

Cracking The New York Times Bestseller List

Data scientist Albert-Lázló Barabási analysed the sales patterns of 4,493 fiction and non-fiction books that made the New York Times bestseller list for hardcovers over thee last decade. The findings show the most popular categories of fiction and non-fiction books, that most book sell the most in their first week and that new-comers are best placed for success with book launches in February of March.

Knitted Sky Map

Australian software engineer Sarah Spencer hacked a 1980's knitting machine to create a massive equatorial star map, with the plan to exhibit it at the Electromagnetic Field Camp festival on Aug 31st, 2018. As a result, the star map is aligned with the night sky on the date of the festival!

The Pudding

I recently re-discovered The Pudding, a fantastic datavis site that uses visual essays to explain cultural ideas, such as the proliferations of repetitive pop lyrics and hip-hop vocabulary, a visual history of every Air Jordan and gender parity in the U.S. and U.K. governments.


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