Ali Spagnola

This week I discovered the amazing Ali Spagnola on YouTube. Among other wacky pursuits, Ali recreates popular songs in the style of a different popular music artists, from scratch! Plus she is abosultely mental, in the best way :-)Check out her mashup of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in the style of Billie Eilish!

Richard Dawson - Jogging

Newcastle legend Richard Dawson is back with the first single Jogging from his upcoming new album 2020. With this fantastic track (and great video), Richard once again reaches deep into your core, grabs your emotions and gives them a bit of a shake in a tough love sort of way, before giving your heart a hug and a pat on the back to send you on your way. Amazing.

Doune The Rabbit Hole

Last weekend I attended the excellent Doune The Rabbit Hole festival outside The Port of Menteith in Scotland. I was very happy to finally see the amazing Welsh legend Gwenno live. I also saw a fantastic performance by Bell Lungs, accompanied by Oscar Leyens and incredible dancer Suzi Cunningham. I rounded off a great day with the bleedin' deadly Lankum from Dublin. There's something ancient that gets awakened in the genes of an Irish person listening to The Rocky Road To Dublin being sang live.

Sting & Shaggy!

Sting and Shaggy, a match made in Tiny Desk heaven! You may not initially think that the silky smooth Sting groove would go well with a generous helping of Jamaican timbre from the sensational Shaggy, but you would be wrong my friend! :-) Sit back, relax and crank up the volume on this class Tiny Desk performance! (They also have an album out called 44/876)


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