Music From Saharan Cellphones

In 2010, a compilation of music from Saharan mobile phones was complied on tape. The oftentimes unlabelled tracks included were a collection of popular music doing the rounds on memory cards of mobile phones and shared via bluetooth. In 2011, the artists were tracked down and the collection was released commercially 50% going directly to the artists. The album is also available on Spotify.

TV Review: Rhythm + Flow

This week I started watching Rhythm + Flow. It's like a Rap X-Factor, where contestants compete for a prize of $250,000, supervised by Chance The Rapper, Cardi B and T.I. I lost interest in these type of competition shows years ago but I decided to give this a look because the production quality is high and I was interested to see how rap and hip-hop content would be delivered and judged, because I know very little about it.


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