Infinite Monkey Piano

The Pudding are running a live experiment to generate the opening bars of songs by brute force on piano, in an exploration of the infinite monkey theorem. The experiment has been running for 17 days and has currently cracked 18 songs including Still Dre and Für Elise. It is currently trying to crack Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.


My amazing wife Jenn Kirby just released a new avant-pop EP called POPPED to fund materials for the 3D printing of PPE parts she is doing as part of the network of volunteer 3D printers. The EP is available to purchase as a digital download here.

Copyrighting Every Melody

In an attempt to stop music copyright lawsuits, Damien Rhiel and Noah Rubin, two programmer musicians algorithmically generated every possible 8 note, 12-beat melody combo and saved them to a hard drive. Once in tangible format, the work is considered copyrighted however because the MIDI data is numbers, and numbers are considered as facts in copyright law which have thin or no copyright claim, the music may be considered not copyrightable.


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