Slow TV

Slow TV is a TV format popular in Norway that shows scenes or movement at the rate at which you experience them or that they happen naturally, as opposed to the speed of normal TV. Examples of Slow TV are long slow train journeys, watching sheep grazing, or a log fire burn in real time.

Podcast of the Week: Armchair Expert - Bill Gates Book Talk

In a recent episode of The Armchair Expert podcast, Dax & Monica interview Bill Gates about his new book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster. The interview is a frank and informative discussion about the scale of what is needed to tackle the climate crisis, with a fair bit of high level detail from Bill Gates about the different areas that need to be progressed, whcih are described in detail in his book.

Cork Harbour Sea Shanty

Sound art duo Softday released As I Roved Out One Morning, a sea shanty musical piece in collaboration with Sirius Arts Centre, Hannah Fahey, and the Softday Deep Water Singers that highlights the dangers of the proposed incinerator at Ringaskiddy in Cork Harbour. The duo worked with the Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment to gather information, field recordings, conversations, and transcripts of An Bord Pleanála oral hearings to use as input to the piece.


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