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Title Cities

Artist and web designer Nicholas Rougeux created a fantasticly creative project called Title Cities, where he converts text on the covers of historic books with blocks of colours, and then extracts and rearranges these blocks into cityscape posters.

COVID-19 Datapack

Data visualisation heavy weight Information Is Beautiful (David McCandless) has published a datapack of Coronavirus visualisations with links to the underlying data. The site includes this handy reference diagram (above) showing the risk profile of various activities. (P.S. Wear a mask)

Latest Tech Surveys

The annual Stack Overflow Developer survey has been released. Poor old VBA is still top of the pile as the most dreaded programming languages :-) Thoughtworks also released the latest version of their technology radar, which is a great resource in seeing which techniques, tools, platforms and languages that are gaining traction with the tech landscape.


Life Changing Smart Thinking Books

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